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Interior decor significantly impact your mood. Is your choice curtains?

Renovations in your home may toss you up whether to use blinds or curtains for various rooms. Brush aside your doubts, both can look great, yet curtains have different advantages over blinds. Curtains are better for allergy victims, and it is easy to provide health care at home and especially in hospitals or care homes. Curtains can block out more light. If you’re looking to cover windows in a bedroom, curtains with blackout lining may be the best options to give people a better night’s sleep

Furnishings and décor help in giving character to the house

Curtains, on the other hand, can be made from light materials that don’t attract dust mites as readily as blinds do. Curtains are available in a comprehensive range of colors, fabrics and textures, curtain can be made to suit every palette. A house is altered into a home when decorated in your preferred style and imbibe that warmth and personalized touch. An organized home is also the source of positive energies. V Furnish offers you abundant choice- flowery prints, polka dots, abstract prints, animal prints and motifs, sheers, embellished details, jacquard and more. Curtain matched with soft furnishings such as cushions, bring cohesion to a room. Make sure the curtain run a full length to the floor and amply cover the doors and windows on either side

Do you want to live cheerless, or be all hunky-dory?

Life becomes exciting with the right furnishings; including curtain, couches, brunette tables, carpets, sofas, good lighting, decorative pieces and much more. Curtains benefit aesthetic beauty of the house or the rooms, ensure your privacy too. Yes, that’s right.. In terms of aesthetics, curtain offer your interiors warmth and create interesting light play.

Let gloomy rooms gain cheerful with our Curtains

Colour of the curtains makes rooms appear more positive and lively. Give it a makeover using home décor options, vibrant colors and printed curtains for adding character to your room. Create a trendy feel to your living environment with sheers and string curtains and coordinate other room accessories. However, try following V Furnish colour therapy while choosing curtain for rooms. Bright colors for a cheerful character; greens and blues for a stress-free ambiance, reds for a romantic dash and pinks for a youthful innocence- What’s your color key to enrich your home?